Day -68: Back to Yamanashi-ken

I’ll be back in Yamanashi-ken, just south of Tsuru, starting July 27th!

I’ve been accepted as a JET ALT in Doushi-mura for the 2013-2014 school year. Hooray!

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Day +36: Last days, coming home, and mirages

It took so long for me to be comfortable about writing this post.

I’m home in America now.

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Day 132: Shenanigans

I was going to type this up the other night, but I ended up passing out right after getting home. It’s probably not safe for work, but it made me laugh so hard, I have to post it.

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Day 111: Oh crap, one one one!

I was going to title this “Nearing the End and Updates”.

I’d originally planned on updating every day, but I’ve been so busy since I got here, I really don’t feel like sitting down and writing about what’s going on. Maybe I’m just not cut out for this whole blogging thing. Not like my everyday mundane things are going to be of much use to anyone to read.

But I am going to write something that will be helpful – the Ryuugakusei’s Guide to Tsuru. And it looks like some of the other ryuugakusei on the program will give me some ideas, so there’ll be that before I leave. Places to go, move-in, move-out, dos and don’ts, hidden gems of Tsuru, etc… It’ll be for both my sake, to remember the good times of Tsuru, and for all the new Ryuugakusei’s sakes, too.

Come to Tsuru, because it’s the best!

I’ve also been wanting to write this on my blog for a while, so here it is: my class schedule by the nicknames I’ve given to the classes (which are based on what they’re actually about, not what the course description says they’re about).

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Day 101: Oh, kids.

Unrelated freakin’ awesome picture of Mt. Fuji first:

(Picture taken at Lake Yamanaka.)

So, I was at the grocery store today, bagging my groceries, when I noticed that this little girl at the bagging station was staring at me. I smiled and kept bagging, but then I heard her bothering her mom.

“Mom, mom, look, she has a Pretty Cure on her backpack.”

バレタか?! went through my head for a second, but I responded.

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Day 84: Voices on the Moon

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for a while; I’ve just not been in the mood / busy / not at my apartment as often.

In this post:

  • Kyoto Trip summary
  • Fall term so far
  • Voices from the Moon (introspection)

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Day 67: Formspring & Photo updates

I’ve created a formspring, for anyone who wants to ask me questions, but not feel awkward commenting on a post.

You can access it here. There’s also a link in the sidebar now.

Also, I’ve added all of my September pictures, as well as photos from our Kyoto trip, to Flickr. Check it out!

A blogpost is floating around in my head, so hopefully that’ll get done. Soon. Maybe.

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